About Tiles de Santa Fe

Tiles de Santa Fe's work embodies both a modern aesthetic and an understanding of history and tradition,  a rare combination in the field. 

Miguel Mendoza

Master Tile Maker

The extensive time and resources used in the creation of our work rest on a foundation built of experience, talent and intuition, producing results you’re unlikely to see elsewhere. Our tiles look a 100 years old the day they are made. (Savern Watson)

We can also match old tile from Tiles De Santa Fe and offer any shape of Hexagon or Octagon, the old shapes San Felipe or contour.


Our Business is our customers- our tradition of handmade tile making is our future.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience.


Speaking with a universal voice, a sensibility that invites a second glance.


Capturing originality for that one-of-a-kind, unique experience.

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